Looks like Sheriff Corbin will be sticking around Sleepy Hollow…

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01X02 Blood Moon 06

In the ongoing “Just how dead IS he?” debate surrounding CB’s continued involvement on FOX’s Sleepy Hollow, we’ve had a few revelations this week that strongly point to the fact that August Corbin will popping up guide Abby and Ichabod in their quest to stop the Four Horsemen.  In an interview with Access Hollywood, series lead Nichole Beharie let slip: “Abbie’s definitely at a loss for what’s happening at the moment. Because Corbin is sort of in on it to some degree and she’s discovering that, he definitely helps to guide her throughout the season and put little bits and pieces together.” Guess that clears up this particular debate. Read on for a new featurette from FOX in which Clancy and Nicole discuss the relationship between August and Abbie. 


In this “Demons of the Past” promo spot from FOX, we get more insight into the mentor/mentee Sheriff/Abbie relationship, as well as the deeper significance of “The Lex Files” (an absolutely fabulous CB inside joke that has popped up on the web) in the Corbin’s locked cabinet. 

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