Listen to Clancy’s super-villain Shape Ape on The Thrilling Adventure Hour’s “Captain Laserbeam”

Posted on Mar 25, 2013 in Live Performances, News | 0 comments

Clancy’s second appearance on The Thrilling Adventure Hour is up on both iTunes and The Nerdist podcast! In this thrilling installment of “Captain Laserbeam”, entitled Circle Gets the Square, he portrays the diabolical, simian super-villain Shape Ape who is bent on turning the town square into…some other shape.  (Think Lex Luthor meets an Ape named Ape by way of Vincent Schiavelli.)  Despite some serious triangle issues, Shape Ape is a philosopher and – dare I say – poet, with “Shapal Understanding” that he believes rivals that of mankind’s finest minds. Fellow voice actor titan John DiMaggio (Bender, Futurama) stars as Captain Laserbeam!

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